A set of meal containers catered to the needs of a family on the go with the goal of maintaining the feeling of togetherness and enjoyability when away from home. The modular design of the containers, both individual and shared, keep the containers intentional while providing the versatility for the containers to adapt to the available space. The aesthetic and formal qualities of the product are inspired by the family I interviewed and their experiences taking trips out on their boat, designing around the needs that came with that unique context.

The product exists in two main states: a compact state for transport and an unwrapped state that rests on the central engine space. Stacking and sliding mechanisms on the sides allow to easy transitions between the two states, prototyped through a foamcore model with a gray foam model to show the final form.

Key Skills:

  • Human-Centered Design
  • System Concept Design
  • Digital and Physical Prototyping

Tools Used:

  • SolidWorks and Keyshot
  • Foam and Paper Prototyping
  • Adobe Creative Suite