Three identical handcrafted recipe boxes made from plywood and decorated with maple, yellowheart, cherry, and walnut pieces with walnut veneer placed between them to create distinct lines of separation. By crafting the design with the various wood types themselves, the natural beauty of the wood runs throughout the piece, meaning any stains or scratches can be sanded out without disrupting the design. The box is crafted with the intent for it to last over a lifetime, with both the emotional durability of storing generations of recipes as well as the structural durability of the assembly and design.

One of the boxes was kept for myself, while one box was given to my brother so that we will both have the recipes of our childhood while also growing recipe collections of the respective families that we each start in the future. The third box was put up for action at the Pittsburgh Society for Contemporary Craft for another family to keep and enjoy.

Key Skills:

  • Emotionally Durable Design
  • Physical Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Technical Craft and Attention to Detail

Tools Used:

  • Production Woodshop
  • SolidWorks and Keyshot

Process Images

Initial concept dimensions and sketch
Keyshot digital model and concept render
First plywood panel prototype
Assembled wooden squares on each side
Each assembled box before finishing
Final box, before and after finishing with linseed oil