Ceramics and Sculpture

Various ceramics projects that I have created in the past, both original and adaptations from 2D sources. These projects were created personally as well as gifts for others. Ceramics include:

  • Mini garden gnome couple planter decorations
  • Decorative vase combined with natural woven material
  • Planter decorations of characters from Studio Ghibli
  • Sculpted scale model of a character from the game Gitaroo Man
  • Glazed small tray container of exercising colorful blobs

Sewing and Soft Goods

Various soft goods created with both hand stitching and machinery. All goods for both original and fan characters were created entirely myself and with my own patterns. Soft goods include:

  • A farmhouse goose with moveable wings and legs
  • A soft good recreation of a character from Zack & Wiki
  • A decorative pillow with a block printed peacock design
  • A decorative felt sushi set

Wooden Products

Handmade wooden products created by hand using a variety of shop tools such as the bandsaw and table saw, the lathe, and various sanding techniques. Products include:

  • A handmade beechwood spatula that fits the shape of the hand and optimizes use
  • A mahogany tea candle holder crafted to match a dimensional drawing and painted by hand to match the wood color

Farming Friends: Basil Planter

This handmade planter was created as a gift using polymer clay, acrylic paint, and a waterproof sealer. The character is inspired by a pear shape and holds a basil plant, the leaves and stem of the plant representing the pear's stem and tree that it came from. Farming Friends was created from this concept of giving more personified characteristics to plants in the hopes that it will encourage owners to take better care of them and form closer connections to where their food comes from.

The packaging of the planter uses natural materials and colors that is inspired by a plant emerging from the soil while concealing the design of the planter until opened.

Wonderful World

Wonderful World is a handmade children's book I had created in my free time detailing the adventures of characters Red and Blue as they explore a city inspired by the city of Pittsburgh. I created each page in watercolor with text added in Adobe InDesign, with one physical copy created that I printed out and bound by hand.

The book features 17 handmade illustrations with the hopes of documenting some of my own personal adventures to keep over time.

Finn: Children's Book Soft Good

A physical children's toy adaptation of my partner Langston Wells' children's book character, Finn. Using fabrics inspired by the nature of the illustration in combination with other materials like yarn and embroidery, the soft good pattern was created to match the proportions of the original character as well as the overall feel. Finn also holds a playing card that is embroidered to match the design found in the book itself.

The soft nature of the toy would allow children the opportunity to physically interact with the character they have gotten to know and love reading about and serve as a connection between the world that they read about and their own.