My Meadow Gardening Kit

A personalized gardening delivery service designed to help lower the barriers to entry into the field of plant care.

Founded in research into what gets people interested in plant care in order to leverage those advantages towards helping beginners start their own gardens.

The system is designed to facilitate the process of acquiring resources and information needed to start a garden by working directly with local garden centers to create a custom garden and care schedule.

Key Skills:

  • User Research
  • UI / UX Development
  • Product System Design and Presentation

Tools Used:

  • Figma
  • Adobe After Effects

Product Manufacturing Studies

A series of case studies analyzing various materials and manufacturing methods through existing products in order to understand the affordances and limitations of each. Characteristics such as size, tolerances, complexity, strength, and costs of parts are each analyzed within the product's context of use to create suggestions for how to improve the product's design for manufacturing or design for assembly to reduce costs or improve performance.

Fire hydrant analysis and metal to polymer plumbing pipe comparison projects were created in collaboration with Shannon Ha, each taking part in the research and visual communication.

Key Skills:

  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • DFM / DFA Analysis
  • Process Visualization

Tools Used:

  • Digital Illustration
  • Adobe InDesign

Portable Family Meal System

A set of meal containers catered to the needs of a family on the go with the goal of maintaining the feeling of togetherness and enjoyability when away from home. The modular design of the containers, both individual and shared, keep the containers intentional while providing the versatility for the containers to adapt to the available space. The aesthetic and formal qualities of the product are inspired by the family I interviewed and their experiences taking trips out on their boat and the needs that came with that unique context.

The product exists in two main states: a compact state for transport and an unwrapped state that rests on the central engine space.

Key Skills:

  • Human-Centered Design
  • System Concept Design
  • Digital and Physical Prototyping

Tools Used:

  • SolidWorks and Keyshot
  • Foam and Paper Prototyping
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Handmade Heirloom Recipe Boxes

Three identical handcrafted recipe boxes made from plywood and decorated with maple, yellowheart, cherry, and walnut pieces with walnut veneer placed between them to create detail lines. The box is crafted with the intent for it to last over a lifetime with both the emotional durability of storing generations of recipes as well as the structural durability of the assembly and design.

One of the boxes was given to my brother and the second was kept for myself for the both of us to enjoy, while the third was auctioned off by the Society for Contemporary Craft for another family to enjoy.

Key Skills:

  • Emotional Design
  • Physical and Digital Prototyping
  • Craft Quality Design

Tools Used:

  • Solidworks and Keyshot
  • Woodshop Machinery

Lovevery: The Buddy

A soft goods system utilizing my recent research into child development to help facilitate the transition to doing things independent of the primary caregiver and help to create positive habits with attachment and being on their own. The system provides comfort and support to the child while also educating the parent on what their child's needs are during this time, using rituals and habits to create a sense of consistency for both.

This project was produced with the Lovevery visual brand language in mind, envisioned as a system provided to schools for children ages 4 to 5.

Key Skills:

  • Psychology and Design Research
  • System Concept Design
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering

Tools Used:

  • Solidworks and Keyshot
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sewing and Physical Prototyping

ASICS Internship: Rethinking Event Apparel

A research project aiming to rethink how ASICS designs event apparel in order to better fit their future company goals and direction.
Using the Los Angeles Marathon as a case study into event apparel at ASICS, I worked to create a line of event apparel that strives to be more sustainable both in its manufacturing as well as in its role in the wearer's life, striving to be more meaningful and wearable beyond the duration of the event itself.

Special thanks to my manager Mari Tibbetts and the other members of the ASICS North America team for their guidance and support. Other projects from the summer included creating a limited edition shoe for 2023 and a gender neutral graphic system.

Key Skills:

  • Company and User Research
  • Tech Packs for Manufacturing
  • Presentation of Ideas

Tools Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
Emily Spooner
Industrial Designer | Carnegie Mellon University
Design student interested in creating products that are founded in psychology and human behavior in order to better design and improve the lives of others.

My Experience

With a breadth of experience ranging from education to user experience to soft goods, I've specialized my practice by working directly with others to research their needs and create designs that optimize their experience, both digital and physical.

Apparel Graphics Design Intern
ASICS North America
June 2021 — August 2021
Psychology Teaching Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University
August 2019 — December 2020
User Experience Design Intern
CMU CS Academy
June 2021 — August 2021

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